Raktel FAQ

How can I auto-recharge my account?

Please fill one of the following forms DOC form or PDF form and email scanned form to autorecharge@raktel.com, or simply fax it to (567) 248-8688.

I want to hear my balance when I am making a call. How can I check my balance?

When you call any of our access numbers, please simply press *0# anytime during the call to hear message about your account balance. You can always check your balance online. Simply log in to your account here

How do I cancel the call and redial the number without having to call access number again?

If you mis-dial any number and or wanted to call some other number, press #* and you will be prompted to dial new number (press * if your number is already connected).

How can I change my password?

Please login to your account here and click on change password.

Can I use my email as login name to my account?

Yes, both card alias and your email will work.

Can I Use my IPhone / IPod Touch to make calls?

Yes you can install free IPhone / IPod Touch application fring. Click here for more info.

I have added my caller ID but RakTEL still asks for PIN.

Please make sure that in US, the caller ID's should be without 1 at the beginning, .i.e., 555-555-1234 is correct whereas 1-555-555-1234 is not.

How do I make international call, what is the dial format ?

Please dial 011-"Country Area Code"-"Phone number", for Istanbul, Turkey dial 01190212xxxxxxx.

How do I make domestic calls (within USA), what is the dial format ?

Please dial 1-"Area Code"-"Phone number", for Los Angeles dial 1310xxxxxxx.

How do I make make calls from unregistered (public) numbers?

Dial our access number, when prompted dial your card number and press '#' and you can make your call(s).

I want to make calls from my cellphone by storing the numbers in my cellphone?

If you are using +13605153123 as your access number and trying to call 01190XXXX, you should store the following as a person on your phone using the following 13605153123,01190XXXX# on iPhone and 13605153123p01190XXXX# on blackberry. When you press this number to call, then your number will be automatically connected.

I want to dial the last number I called using my cellphone without dialing that number again?

After you call access number, please dial 0* to be connected to the last number you called.

What is Call-Back?

This feature will allow you to make phone calls from any country in the world to US, or to any other country for the same rates that you are being charged by RakTEL, if you were to call from US. For more details about "Call-Back" feature, please visit: Call-Back Feature

How can I use Call-Back?

What you will need to do: first add available local phone number (which you are going to use to make a call) to your Caller ID list, when you log in to your account online. After that, you need to dial US number: +13104640504 from that phone (the dialing code will depend on each country). The system will never answer that call; hence you will never be charged for that call by local phone company of the phone you are using. Instead, once the system recognizes saved Caller ID, it drops the call, and calls back directly to that phone. Once you pick up the phone, you will be prompted to dial any international number you would like to call. And, since it was an incoming call, you would not be charged by the local phone carrier. Instead, your RakTEL account will be charged for connection to that local phone and for any usual rates associated with the country that you called. Also, please be advised that, advantage of using local line is that you do not have to pay for roaming fees, which might occur on your bill, if you were to use US cell in a different country. For more details about "Call-Back" feature, please visit: Call-Back Feature

Can I initiate Call-Back on-line?

Yes, you can. Simply log in to your RakTEL account at RakTEL Account Log In. Go to "Call-Back" tab in the menu on the left, and follow instructions from there.

How do I make make calls from unregistered (public) numbers?

Dial our access number, when prompted dial your card number and press '#' and you can make your call(s).

Using IPhone/IPod to Call

Use Fring on IPhone/IPod:

You can use fring application on your IPhone / IPod Touch, to place phone call without spending your minutes on your plan.

But you can only make call from fring application when you are using Wi-Fi connection on your IPhone, not 3G, because AT&T wouldn’t let any application on IPhone to make a phone call using VOIP.

 You can use global Wi-Fi roaming service Boingo especially overseas to make phone calls on your mobile phone.

Once you have installed fring on your IPhone / IPod, you can setup your fring application to make calls with Raktel.

Launch Fring on your IPhone / IPod:


  1. Click on 'More'
  2. And choose 'SIP' from the list, The following screen appears:


3. Choose "Other".

4. Enter your account number, password. That information can be found on your account

     Access to your account

     Once you login to your account click “SIP/IAX INFO” on the left menu. You will see those information:

SIP URI: mesepbx.mine.nu (type this at your Proxy)

Username : 1234567890 (type your own)

Password : ********** (type your password)


After you are done Click Login or “Go” button.


You will see “Subscribing to SIP” message:



 Now you are connected (you will enter your login info only once, it will remember for later sessions).


 To make a call, you can go to “Dialer” and type the number you going to call:



And Select SIP and confirm your phone number when it is asked again

And your phone should be ringing now:



If you made calls earlier, you can go to “History” tab and select any call. Alternatively if you saved those phone numbers you will call, you can select it them by clicking “Buddy List



How to Install Fring on your IPhone / IPod Touch:

Please go to following URL to install Fring on your IPhone: http://www.fring.com/support/user_guide/fring_user_manual_iphone1208.pdf