Get a Phone number

We can assign you a phone number almost from any country and connect that number to phone that you choose.

You will decide which county you want to get a phone number from.
We can forward this phone number to any phone even cell phone.
To make a call using this line you have to use it through calling card, or voip adapter that we can set up for you

Voip (phone) adapter (also knows as ATA - analog Telephony adapter) is a small box with a power adapter, one Ethernet (connects to Internet) port and one telephone port (which connects to any home phone).. Raktel will setup this adapter so you can make a call and receive call using your calling card account.

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Call Forwarding

Get a phone number from any country and have it ring at any phone you want.

Your clients can reach you anywhere. RakTEL can get you Istanbul, Turkey phone number and you can have that phone number to ring at your cell phone, or your work number right here in US. Our services is not limited with only one country.
Get a phone number from virtually anywhere and have it ring wherever your want.
Get a US number, use that number anytime with our adapter, or IPhone App.
When you travel to anywhere, get you voip adapter with you and take your phone number with you, never miss a call. All you need is internet connection, plug our configured adapter into internet cable, you are ready to make/receive your calls!
Not available to get the call, let our Voice Mail System take the message for you and email it to you, so you can listen wherever, whenever!